What you feel in your gut is what’s transmitted from the thought processes in your brain. Most people already know this by being aware of their thinking and their bodies. So listen to what your body is saying and trust yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to find enough quiet to really listen. Especially with choosing a career, there are so many other voices telling us what to do….our culture, our parents, well-meaning friends… self-help books. So make quiet time each day to listen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. This is one of my favorite coaching quotes. What makes you happy, engaged, fulfilled, or connected? When do you feel most alive? Take that and run with it. No one else can tell you how you feel inside, not therapists or coaches or your partner. It’s your life to create uniquely and whole-heartedly. If you go on an interview and your gut says this isn’t the place for you—pay attention. Don’t override your intuition. Your brain has been gathering information since you stepped through the door and has sent it through your nervous system to your digestive system.

If someone asks you a question in an interview that feels inappropriate and you get that uncomfortable feeling, red-flag it. I once went to an interview where there were ten people sitting around a conference table asking me questions. It was 95 degrees with no AC and no one offered me a glass of water. Would you want to work in that environment? I didn’t.

Are you doing what you want in life? Are you working in a place and with people that encourage the best in you? Do you feel seen and heard? Are you working from your highest self? If not, what can shift? Can you influence those around you to make more of a place for yourself? Do you need to make adjustments without compromising your true self? Is it time to begin your own business where you have more freedom? Whatever your story is, as you continually create it, pay attention to your instincts and intuition to keep you true to your vocation destination.

Martha Beck, a famous Life Coach says I cannot believe people keep paying me to say this ”if something feels really good for you, you might want to do it. And if it feels really horrible, you might want to consider not doing it”. Thank you, give me my $150.

So right now, in your job and your life, what are your gut, instincts and intuition telling you? 