“Beginning with my first (complimentary) phone call with Karen, she projected a degree of competence and caring.  I have seen Karen in her home office in Arlington at varying intervals for two years while I personally negotiated my career transition after fourteen years of teaching.  Her intuitive and professional nature allowed me to take her advice seriously, while I learned to assess and take my own voice and interests more seriously.

Since I began working with Karen, I have left teaching as I concurrently selected a graduate program at a local university (due to graduate in two months), secured a 1000 hour internship with a top Boston area company and acquired clarity on my one year and five year career objectives.  While working on my resume, I found her to be timely and insightful with feedback, while leaving me with the true sense that I was the owner of that document. Karen has always been calm, collected and prepared for each session.  She takes notes and references them in later sessions while also leaving me with action steps to take home.  Overall, I am very glad to have worked with her.  Of the three life/career coaches I have worked with, she has by far been the most practical.”

 Jonathan S., Instructional Designer

“Karen helped me to reevaluate my career goals, refine my resume, and to present a confident but honest aura in my interviewing approach. After working with her, I was able to overcome the mid-life crisis that had me in the doldrums for over 2 years and to re-enter the software industry in an exciting, promising position. She’s a compassionate and knowledgeable coach. Give her a try.”

Richard Z., Senior Sales Engineer

“I have been fortunate to work with Karen to progress my career and continuing education. Karen has been integral to my success with resumes, graduate school essays, job searching, and networking. Karen’s expertise is clearly demonstrated and shared throughout every minute of her sessions, which has helped me succeed in my professional and educational development.”

 Mark S., Special Education Professional

“Karen has an uncanny ability to lead a productive coaching session, while allowing you to arrive at your own conclusions about how to move forward.  She listens intently,  keeps conversations on point, and creates accountability to maintain momentum. Karen does this all with a friendly and open style.”

Leanne R., Mother transitioning back to work

“The sessions with Karen allowed me to more clearly measure my options. I discovered the keys to my procrastination and finally moved forward with confidence in my chosen direction. I couldn’t have done this without Karen’s career coaching.”

Doug, Retired Business Executive

“I worked with Karen as a client for career coaching. She is very warm and understanding, thinks outside the box as a career coach, but not too soft. I was impressed with her skills to guide me in my myriad of thoughts taking many factors into account.”

Deb D., Creative Content Creator

“Karen helped me rewrite my resume. She displayed expert knowledge in effective resume writing, it was done quickly, and her fee was very reasonable. I highly recommend Karen!”

Robert S., Complex Risk Analyst

“Karen has always been there when I needed her and has been able to help me with every part of the job search, career counseling and interview process. Her comments and suggestions are always insightful and informative. She is quick to respond to my emails and is always encouraging and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Karen for anyone who is looking to change their career, learn more about their chosen career or get advice on interviewing techniques, resume writing and cover letters.”

Jackie M., Assistant Professor of Math